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Three stories written for a group of friends and distributed as episodes during the Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020.

Finding Marianne - A best selling author in search inspiration is obliged by his published to go into total isolation until he produces a book. When inspiration arrives he finds that imagination and reality become one.

Uncle Henry's Legacy - A bored, retired businessman receives a surprising legacy from an uncle he never knew but there are strings attached. The more he learns the more tangles these strings become.

Amnesia - A college professor is a victim of circumstances and becomes involved and even accused of a series of crimes of which he is innocent - or is he?

After his wife divorcing him and his employer making him redundant, in the same year, 58-year-old Tim Jarvis' main problem, other than his depressed mood, is learning to sail his boat singlehanded. This was until his course crosses that of a girl on a drifting sailboard who is intent on killing herself. Not content with saving her, Tim wants to understand her problem, if only she would confide in him. The nearer he gets to helping her, the more dangerous and exciting his life becomes. With the unlikely help from 12 year-old Pago and his gang of preteen hooligans, his sulphurous ex-wife and a beautiful school teacher with a shady past, he slowly discovers the girl's secret and nearly gets them both killed! Set in the South of France, on the Mediterranean coast and the mountainous countryside inland, Crime of Compassion is a romantic mystery novel that moves between action and humorous introspection as Tim slowly learns as much about himself as the girl's mystery.
Four university students get the loan of a sailing boat for a cruise on the Darkwater River on the East coast of England. The innocent nautical pleasures of these debutant sailors are harshly interrupted by brutal events that not only terminate their cruise but pursue them afterwards as a menace to their futures and possibly to their lives. With the help of an unexpected ally, they finally decide to act in a radical way. Did they have any other choice? Could they have behaved differently? These questions are likely to haunt them for the rest of their lives.
The young Englishman, Peter Bennett, came to visit this beautiful and peaceful valley deep in Southern France to forget the infidelity of his ex-fiancé with his ex-best friend. Getting lost and accidentally discovering a strange well with possible connections to the Cathars and their treasure, being enrolled by an ex-pat Brit into a dubious property swindle and a whirlwind romance with a gorgeous older woman certainly take his mind off his amorous deception in the UK. These events and his naïve enthusiasm, however, entangle him in a deadly international intrigue where no one is quite who they originally appeared to be. An ordinary person in an extraordinary situation, can Peter find within himself the resources he needs to survive and to find a way out of this tangle?

This is a revised version of the story originally published in 2008 under the title 'The Well'.

Mike Briley is also an enthusiastic photographer.

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